Mustache party

Just like a squeeze of lemon can add a twist of taste to a rudimentary drink, a mustache on a regular party invitation is the indicator of onset of fun! The newest twist in the legendary lives of party people is doing it with a mustache. And I am not only talking about the party, but everything that goes into planning and then actually having the party. As a host, sending out mustache party invitations is perhaps the coolest thing you can do to raise the interest of the people you have invited. This is a trend that can put you among the top party goers as well as the hosts.

A fashion statement, the mustache is no longer limited to handsome male faces or the runway models but is fast becoming a party accessory that is all about having fun and breaking the limits. And you have to see it to believe it but mustaches on girls (the put on ones, not the real ones), look really cute as well as hilarious. So, put your party face on and dress it up with a mustache. If you have received an invitation with a mustache, make sure to kick your heels and join that fun!