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Chest tattoo

September 17, 2013

Chest is among the top five spots on your body that is going to hurt a lot if you are thinking of getting it inked. Whether you are skinny, healthy or have a bulky body, you can prepare well before you get under the needle for getting a chest tattoo. The common misconception that drinking alcohol will reduce the pain is what it is, a misconception. You will find that respectable and good tattoo artists will advise not to drink before getting inked and would suggest taking appropriate pain killers that will make the process easier than simply bearing the pain.

Like other tattoos, Chest tattoos have a vast variety in terms of designs, size of the tattoo and specific place on your chest where you would like to have it. Rib cage or closer to your heart can pain differently and you can chose from the variety of designs according to the specific spot. The rib cage is usually like a canvas for the tattoo artist so one of the spots most suitable for women to get a spreading tattoo whereas with men having muscular chests anything from a tiny tattoo to a spread across their chest are popular. There is a good choice available in both color and black ink.