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Protect The Garden!

March 21, 2013

Gardeners of all times had at least one encounter with unwanted wild animals in their lifetime. Keeping the animals out with the right kind of garden fence would be offers the best solution to the problem. Alternate options like repellents and scare devices do work but if you want a reliable, long-term and around the- clock protection your top choice should be a fence.

Moreover, if a person has knowledge about the kind of animals which are most likely to cause trouble he can take the necessary measures. To help him with the search, footprints or tooth marks found in the affected garden could be scrutinized. Or one can also rely on information from nearby gardeners about the commonly found disturbing animals around an area.

The fences can be made using wooden boards, steel wires and frames or even tee posts and plastic mesh. The fence could be made by hand if the area is small or can be bought ready-made. The ready-made fence comes in separate panels and are joined together at the site.

Though the fence is a useful thing it might become hazardous to use if it is not properly taken care of. We also have to be careful about torn or loose panels as sometimes the steel or metal may protrude and might make a nasty scratch on our bodies.